Public Services

Highlighting the mission-driven work at the heart of public service, a new task force convened to help local unions understand and address the causes of staffing shortages across the public sector.

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Public Services

In focus

Criminal justice and public safety professionals in the AFT support our union’s agenda to work toward justice for all and civil and human rights.
Our union collaborates with many other experts and allies to advocate for public works projects that rebuild resilient, modern and safe infrastructure systems.
The AFT works with the entire labor movement together in the AFL-CIO to support trade policies that enhance labor rights and worker voice on the job.
We support efforts to collect online sales and use taxes, stop overseas tax shelters and ensure that taxes owed are taxes paid through an effective tax auditing program.
The AFT works with affiliates to address workplace bullying and to reclaim the promise of safe and healthy workplaces.
We support defined benefit pension programs that provide a stable and secure retirement for all government employees.