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We're striving to create joyful and confident readers by partnering with Reading Universe, First Book, WETA and the Barksdale Institute to help teachers access the best evidence-based reading instructional practices and by continuing to give books away. So while others ban books, we will give away 2.5 million books by July 2024.


In this special issue of American Educator on family literacy, reading teachers and researchers explain how families can help their children become confident readers—and develop a love of books. Also in this issue: AFT President Randi Weingarten outlines five strategies that address students’ loneliness, learning loss, and literacy; AFT Secretary-Treasurer Fedrick C. Ingram champions HBCUs as institutions that make our society more equitable; and teacher-turned-researcher Emily Lubin Woods helps communities decide if they are ready to establish and sustain community schools.

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Teaching students to read is one of the most important things we do as educators.

Reading Universe can help. You'll find ready-to-use teaching strategies, in-classroom videos, interviews with teachers and reading experts, and quick, concrete answers to common questions about teaching reading and writing.

And it's all free! 


Blogs and Articles

When Amanda Curtis drove more than 2,000 miles across Montana to deliver books, she found libraries with books more than 115 years old. Now they have brand new, relevant literature that reflects kids’ own lives and gives them windows into other worlds.

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With a two-hour line, the parking lot overflowing, and traffic at a dead stop, you’d think Sachem North High School on Long Island had converted into Disneyland. But it was something even better—books.

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Last fall, the United Teachers of Wichita started voluntary supplemental reading sessions with third-graders deemed to be “at risk” of not passing the end-of-year reading assessment. After just a few months, students and teachers alike are seeing much more than just reading gains.

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Share My Lesson

Share My Lesson drawing of woman thinking with objects floating around: a planet, a pyramid, a pencil, a book

Available in English and Spanish

For more literacy tips, tools, resources and advice, go to the Share My Lesson Reading Opens the World Community.



Colorín Colorado

Colorin Colorado’s series of quick language and literacy tips targeted to families is available in 16 languages. These can be shared with families in two ways: tip sheets or social media graphics highlighting each tip. These tips feature the illustrations of award-winning artist Rafael López. 

This resource section and tips collection are now available to share in our new free web app, Colorín on the Go

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